Big Idea

5/2001 – 4/2003

I joined Big Idea Productions as an Animator on Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, their first feature film.

In Jonah, I animated most of the shots including Reginald the camel. I also specialized in shots that required rigging and animating props because of my rigging skills. I animated the card game, the ping-pong game, the mail carrier scenes and the walking the plank scenes where I rigged the plank and life preserver.

Once Jonah was animated, I stayed on for postproduction to do animation fixes and work with the lighting team optimizing shots to speed up rendering.

After the film, I had the opportunity to Directed and Animate two segments, Erie Canal and My Day for the VeggieTales DVD, The Amazing World of Autotainment. Both segments started with songs the studio provided. I storyboarded, directed, animated, modeled the sets and some characters, did additional rigging, lit, rendered and composited the full segments to the song audio track.

Here is My Day animated in the beginning of 2003.